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Important Facts About Carpeting That Everyone Must Know


Carpets form an important part of every home. If you are planning to move to a new home it must be amongst one of the first few things you will consider. Even when remodeling your existing home, getting a new carpet will surely be considered. This is because carpets alone have the power to change the look of any home or office. Not only will installing a nice carpet make the area look beautiful, it will also add warmth to the space and prevent common accidents like slips and falls. Carpets indeed play very important roles, but there are things about carpeting that you might not be aware of, so without hesitation let us discuss these interesting facts. Then you can head on over to Best Flooring, provider of the best carpet Indianapolis has to offer, to make the most informed decision! Join the many other Hoosier homeowners who have returned to using carpet in Indianapolis. 

Carpet types 

Since carpets form such an important part of your home there are some things you need to keep in mind while shopping, including how they are designed, special features, and even color scheme. It is important for the face of the carpet you choose to match the interior of your chosen location. There are two types of carpet faces available – cut piles and loop pile. In cut piles just one side is anchored, whereas in loop piles both the ends are fixed at the carpet’s back which forms a loop. Though carpets can be woven, they usually are tufted. In this method, the ends of the yarn are pushed through the backing thus creating a loop or cut piles. 

The nonwoven and woven fabrics are the layers through which the yarn gets inserted and this is known as the primary backing. At the back of this primary layer, a lamination is done to reinforce the first layer and it is known as secondary backing. These backings help the carpet maintain their shape. 

Styles of carpets 

You can get carpet in Indianapolis in many different styles. A shag carpet is one of many and can even be used in living rooms and bedrooms. Though it is not always easy to clean these carpets, you also do not have to worry about too much dirt in these kinds of areas. So many people are embracing a more vintage look with shag carpeting again. 

If you want to place a carpet in high-traffic areas like your hallways, then opt for those that are shorter and are made of tightly woven fabrics. Though such carpets collect a lot of dirt, you can clean them easily with vacuuming. Yet another style of carpet that you can opt for is the frieze, which is shorter and twisted and ideal for placing in doorways or other higher traffic areas. 

The stain resistant types 

We all want our carpet flooring to stay clean and looking good. If you go for the stain resistant type then this will become much easier. Remember, you have tons of choices as far as carpet is concerned. They, however, can be divided into two categories – high-quality and low-quality. 

The high-quality ones are denser as they have a little backing and are they also are often treated with stain resistant chemicals. The low-quality ones have more backing and less density and are likely to wear out faster. Thus, the high-quality, stain resistant carpeting is the best choice. Your number one carpet Indianapolis provider, Best Flooring, has the best in stain resistant carpets for customers to choose from. 

Pad thickness of the carpets 

While buying a carpet in Indianapolis, this is yet another point you must give consideration to. Do not forget to check the pad quality. The denser the cushion is, the more durability it will offer. The carpet’s thickness alone should not tempt you into buying them, as they may not be of the quality you are looking for. However, if you give more importance to comfort, then thick padding will serve the purpose. 

Installing the carpet 

Carpet installation is as important as is buying. If you really want it installed the right way you must opt for professional installation. Best Flooring, your carpet Indianapolis provider, is the team for the job. Since they have an abundance of experience and knowledge, they will do the job with perfection. Not only do they have the skills, they also own the right tools, with the help of which they will install the carpets in your home in a perfect manner. If there is any excess, they will trim it, so your carpet in Indianapolis will look perfectly placed inside your home. Once you select the best carpet and get it professionally installed, the whole look of the area will change in a very beautiful way. 


Best Online Auction For Good Quality And Reasonable Prices

Best Online Auction For Good Quality And Reasonable Prices

Though everybody likes to shop, the number of people who are on the hunt for bargains and sale items on the Web has been constantly on the rise these days. In fact, online shopping has altered our market economy to a considerable extent. Besides acting an alternative to strip mall suburbia, there are several best online auction sites out there that can get you cut priced goods quickly and easily.

While online auction sites allow the average individuals to search and place their bids on any of the items they wish to, know that these sites act as a vessel for millions of auctions where you can likely sell all those old clothes and gadgets piling up in your garage.

With the advent of more and more smaller sites intended for best online auctions, the potential for savings seems far greater than visiting the bigger sites as there will be very less competition from other bidders. Though this can give you more hope for lower winning bids, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind while opting for smaller sites so as to make your online shopping experience more enjoyable.

Though there is a possibility for some scandals like with anything else that appears on the internet, most of these auction sites take necessary steps to protect their buyers and sellers protection against any scams. A majority of the sites will also offer good customer services if there are any questions.

Check for the terms and conditions laid down by the auction site even before signing up for the site. This will not only ensure you that any disputes related to the bidding process will be handled in a systematic and professional way, but will even make you aware of the industry standards that they abide by.

While bidding for any of the items, look at the wide range of products that the best online auction site has to offer so as to ensure good quality and reasonable prices. You can even check out related forums that offer good advice.


A Guide to Online Auctions

Since online auctions hit the world of the internet in around 1995 they have found international popularity and now there are literally hundreds of online auctions from the traditional highest bidder auction to newer more innovative formats such as penny auctions. You can buy almost anything from auctions on the internet including antiques, second hand items and brand new products. So whether you are a buyer or a seller, here’s your quick general guide to online auctions.

Guide to Online Auctions


Buyers Guide to Online Auctions

Internet bidding sites are great fun and for many people this is a big part of the attraction. Yes you may well get that top notch Smartphone for less than a quarter of its value, but for many users actually winning such an item is just a bonus in what can be an exciting chase to outbid your competitors at the last second!


Before bidding on any item however, here are a few tips that might just come in handy:

1. Online auctions are all different so familiarise yourself with each individual site and their rules and never assume that they all work in the same way. 2. Find out if the site offers buyers protection and discover what the return policy is. 3. Read about the item you are bidding on carefully, especially the small print! 4. If the auction site gives seller ratings then make sure you check these out. 5. Consider how much you are willing to pay for an item and stick with that amount, be prepared to walk away if it goes over your highest offer. 6. Keep your nerve and have fun!

Sellers Guide to Online Auctions

Online Auctions can be a convenient and easy way to turn those unwanted items into spare cash. Some people have even set up online businesses which trade in pre-loved items. It can be a great way of earning a little extra money, but before you start to list those unwanted Christmas presents, read out brief guide first:

1. Be truthful about the item you are selling as some auction sites will list buyers’ feedback and your rating may be affected if you don’t mention flaws or stains, etc. 2. Consider how much the item would cost to post and think about whether or not you would ship anything overseas. Don’t be tempted to hike up postage charges in order to sell something cheaply, buyers can see through this tactic. 3. Use your own photographs and not stock photos. 4. Think carefully about the lowest amount you are willing to accept for the item because if someone bids for that amount, you may be obliged to sell at that amount. 5. Ensure buyers know where they stand with a comprehensive returns policy. 6. Don’t be tempted to take private offers away from the auction site as you won’t then be covered by the online auction protection should things go wrong.

Online auctions are a great way in which to make money and find fantastic bargains! They are also great fun to take part in so keep your cool, follow the rules and you can’t go far wrong!

What are Biotics, and How Do You Get More of Them?

What are Biotics, and How Do You Get More of Them

When considering the question, “What are biotics?” it’s important to not only take into consideration probiotics, which get all the press, but prebiotics as well. Both of them play vital roles in helping to keep us healthy, and it’s very important that you have an ample supply of both in your digestive system. Here’s a quick look at both prebiotics and probiotics, the benefits of both, and how to get more.



If you eat sourdough bread, garlic and bananas, you’ve consumed prebiotics and probably not even known it. These and other food products contain fibers that the body can’t digest. But these fibers don’t go to waste – they serve as fuel for the beneficial microbes in the “gut,” or digestive system.

While probiotics grab all of the attention thanks to the many benefits they provide to the body, prebiotics offer their share of benefits as well. Here are just a few.

Lowering “bad” cholesterol – You’ve probably heard of bad cholesterol, the kind that accumulates in the arteries and can lead to stroke, heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems. This is also known as LDL, or low-density lipoprotein, cholesterol. A beneficial strain of bacteria, Lactobacillus reuteri, helps to lower the amount of LDL cholesterol in the blood. Prebiotics provide the energy that L. reuteri need in order to survive.1

Reducing inflammation – Research indicates that prebiotics can affect metabolism in a way that slows the inflammation of muscles and tissues.2

Boosting the immune system – When you develop a respiratory infection such as the flu, that’s an example of the immune system not being able to do its job, which is to protect us from many different types of illnesses. Studies suggest that you can strengthen your immune system by increasing your intake of prebiotics. One of the possible reasons why is that prebiotics play a role in helping the body absorb nutrients from food while lowering the acidity of the gastrointestinal tract. This provides a more favorable environment for good microbes to thrive. 3



When most people think about, “What are biotics?” they think about probiotics first. After all, you see advertising for them just about everywhere, so it’s only natural that they would come to mind. These are the “good” microbes, such as yeast and bacteria, that were mentioned earlier.

What are biotics

The gut is a battleground, where good and bad bacteria fight for control. When the “good” guys outnumber the bad, most of us enjoy good digestive health. When they don’t, that’s when were at the highest risk for problems such as diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, gas, bloating and others. But probiotics don’t only help our digestive system. Research shows they can provide benefits throughout the rest of the body.

Vaginal health – According to one study, women who take probiotics have a better chance at avoiding issues such as yeast infections and urinary tract infections.4

Reduced blood pressure – More than 500 patients with hypertension (high blood pressure) participated in nine studies conducted to analyze whether or not probiotics could help lower their blood pressure readings. In eight of those studies, results showed that probiotics can help lower systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure. Patients who took probiotic supplements containing multiple strains of good bacteria had lower readings than those who ingested supplement containing just one probiotic bacterium. Both groups saw lower numbers than patients who took a placebo. 5

Benefits to teeth and skin – Many members of the Lactobacillus bacterial strain, according to one study, can help reduce gingivitis as well as tooth decay.6Another study involving pregnant women showed that the ones who took probiotics had less of a chance of giving birth to a child with eczema, a condition that results in dry, itchy skin.7


Getting More Prebiotics and Probiotics in Your System

There are a lot of foods that contain prebiotics and probiotics, but it would be almost impossible to get what you need through diet alone. You’d have to eat such a large amount of these foods that the benefits would soon be negated by all the weight you’d gain. It’s important to balance your pre- and probiotic intake through supplements as well as food. Talk to your doctor before starting any sort of prebiotic or probiotic regimen to make sure it’s safe.










What You Need to Know About Online Bidding

What You Need to Know About Online Bidding

Online auctions provide an incredible platform where both buyers and sellers can virtually meet and trade an endless amount of goods. Online bidding has made auctions so convenient, straightforward, and less costly. You no longer need to travel for miles just to attend an auction. Sellers too, don’t have to incur extra costs handling and transporting their merchandise to different auction sites. Everyone can buy or sell goods right from the comfort of their homes. All you’ll need is a computer and a consistent internet connection.


How online bidding works

Several things regarding online bidding are similar to the traditional regional auctions that most people are already familiar with. Online bidding, for instance, has both losers and winners. Not everyone who takes part in the bidding will walk away with the products they are interested in. This is especially true when it comes to some of the best and rare online merchandise. Such products attract a wide variety of customers, which increases the competition and ups the bidding. In such instances, once the bidding comes to an end, the individual with the highest bid is declared the winner. He or she will then be expected to pay the exact amount as quoted in his/her winning bid.


Joining an online auctioning site

Once you have decided to take part in online auctions either as a buyer or seller, there are various important things that you need to know.

First, you will be required to sign up in the particular bidding website that you decide to use. In order to participate in online auctions, you must create an account. Registering helps to collect as much information as possible on all the buyers and sellers. The information collected is used to track bids, items being auctioned, and to identify the winners and the amount of their winning bid.

Online auctions

When registering for online auctions, it’s also recommended that you use a new mail. Most online auction websites are known for sending frequent emails to their members. These emails can honestly be a nuisance at times, and this is why you are advised to avoid using your main email account.


Types of Online Auctions

There are two main types of internet auctions:

  1. Business-to-Person – Business-to-person auction is where a big company or business is selling items directly to the individual customers. In this kind of auction, the products are usually in possession of the auctioning site. When a person earns the winning bid he, therefore, deals directly with the website on how they will do the payments and how they will receive the items.
  2. Person-to-Person – Person-to-person auction is where a single seller decides to put up his products for auction, selling them directly to the customers. The items being traded here are controlled by the seller. Once the bidding is done and a winner has been identified, they will interact with the seller and discuss how they will deliver the items.


Winning the auction

Public online auctions typically run within given time limits. The bidding process could be scheduled to take place for around four hours. Once this time is over the auction will come to an end, and the website will collect the data to see the person with the winning bid. The declared winner will then get in touch with the vendor through email if it was a person-to-person auction or the website will contact them in case it’s a business-to-person auction.

There are cases where an item could be put up for auction while tagged with a reserve cost. Such products can’t be bid on for a price less than this bid. If at the end of the bidding there is no one close to the reserve price then the item will be retained by the seller and the website until maybe another auction is scheduled.


How to make payments

As a winner of an internet auction, you will be faced with several payment options. These options range from Escrow services, charge card, money order, debit card, cashier’s check, personal check, and money shipments.

Escrow services involve the use of various payment options such as charge card, money order, and checks. A purchaser will first send cash to the Escrow solution, but it won’t be wired to the seller instantly. They wait for the buyer to receive the items and investigate them before completing the payment. It’s therefore, a convenient option which gives buyers a sense of security and confidence when taking part in an online auction.

Charge cards can also be used as they also give customers security. With these cards, one can ask for credit history and pursue compensation in case the products delivered are not satisfactory.

Business-to-person auctions mainly use bank cards. If you are using this auctioning method, you will, therefore, be expected to pay using the bank cards.


Concerns regarding online auctions

The biggest concern when it comes to online auctions is fraudsters. There is quite a huge number of scam websites or sellers who pretend to be selling quality products but end up delivering substandard items. The best way for a customer to deal with such issues is to make sure they remain vigilant in the types of websites they use.

Experiencing the Power of Stem Cells for REAL Anti-Aging Effects

Experiencing the Power of Stem Cells for REAL Anti-Aging Effects

Anti-aging is a BIG buzzword that you may have heard already in the world of dietary supplements. However, there is much more to stopping the hands of Father Time than you may think. Today, there are more toxins in the environment than ever before, leading to the production of more damaging compounds inside our own bodies. The most common (and harmful) of these compounds include what are known as free radicals. As a byproduct of the natural oxidation process in your body, they have been clinically shown to damage healthy cells, mutate them, and even cause cellular death.1


What is Oxidation?

Most people who shop in regular grocery stores have probably already seen the word “anti-oxidant,” maybe on health foods,  juice, or even shampoo bottles. But what are they? Antioxidants are naturally protective substances that can be found in numerous food sources such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. The role of antioxidants is primarily to minimize damage caused by unstable molecules in the human body produced during the oxidation process. Your body undergoes this process as a reaction to many things like UV rays from the sun, toxins in your food supply, and even exercise. While the oxidative process is a natural thing, the byproducts of this process can be harmful to your cells, and even threaten your overall good health.


What is Oxidation


Known as “free radicals,” these harmful molecules are imbalanced by nature. Due to their chemical structure, they are lacking one electron, and in order to regain stability, they continue to travel throughout your body until they can find one to “steal.” Antioxidants freely donate the missing electron to rogue free radical molecules to stop them from “stealing,” from your healthy cells, and damaging your good health. For this reason, antioxidant compounds from any source play a vital role in neutralizing free radicals, and minimizing their damage in the body.


The Power of the Active Stem Formula

If there was a fountain of youth, it would be stem cells. Studies have even called them, “immortal cells,” as they express what’s known as highly stable telomerase (an indicator of lifespan). When you are born, your body is filled with these types of cells that essentially act as replacements for old, damaged, or dying cells. However, as we age the amount of active stem cells decline, leaving your body more prone to oxidative stress and the cellular damage that commonly results due to the natural aging process.

While the free radical theory of aging has been popular since it was first discovered by Denham Harman in the 1950’s, today, researchers know that real anti-aging effects can only be attained with the power of stem cells.2 That’s why Active Stem included these five potent ingredients to boost the production of stem cells in your body.3

While there are still very few human clinical trials to prove the efficacy of stem cell therapy for anti-aging results, there are a few studies to show just how the ingredients in Active Stem work to stop the aging process – dead in its tracks!


  • Green Tea Extract. Green tea is one of the most popular beverages on Earth, and one of the most health promoting, too! Studies have shown that the main antioxidant compound found in green tea extract (EGCG) also has the power to enhance stem cell growth in vitro.4
  • L-Carnosine, Blueberry Extract, Vitamin D3. One study revealed that the synergistic effects of L-carnosine, along with blueberry, green tea, and Vitamin D3 were able to successfully increase the production of new stem cells in human subjects.5
  • MELK is an amino acid (protein) that works to help build strong, and dense muscle tissue. It is also a vital structural component of genetic material including DNA, and RNA. As an essential part of MELK (maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase), leucine has been suggested in clinical studies a potential agent for stem cell regeneration.6


Active Stem: The Anti-Aging Formula That Works

Today, there is a lot of talk on the internet and television about antioxidants as a way to reduce the visible signs of aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, and even sagging skin. However, there is very little talk about the power of stem cell regeneration to offer even more anti-aging benefits including those that affect the brain, bones, muscles, as well as joint pain.

The stem cell theory of aging goes deeper to address all types of anti-aging. So, get the power of Active Stem to regenerate new cells damaged by the byproducts of oxidation, and the natural aging process. It’s the anti-aging formula that actually works!