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Will CBD Oil Make you High?

Does CBD oil get you high

Will CBD Oil Make you High?

Does CBD Oil Get You High?

With its increasing popularity, many people have been wondering does CBD oil get you high and how does CBD effect the body? It is inaccurate to think that everything derived from the cannabis plant can get someone high. More often than not, CBD oil products are treated with suspicion by people who have never used them. They jump to the conclusion that since it is extracted from the cannabis plant, then it will alter a person’s behavior by inducing an exhilarating effect on the user. By the end of this read, you will be able to understand why CBD oil does not alter your consciousness or perception in any way, and you will be more knowledgeable for understanding the properties of the cannabis plant.

The Differences Between THC and CBD

Cannabis contains many chemicals, referred to as cannabinoids, that have different effects on the body. The most well-known is likely tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which has the capability of making one high. This cannabinoid interferes with the sensory system, which may impair your sense of judgment and make you feel drowsy or elated. THC is mainly contained in the leaves of the cannabis plant; its effect will be mostly felt by marijuana users.

Does CBD oil get you high


The second most well-known cannabinoid is CBD, which is sourced from a variety of cannabis plants called hemp. CBD hemp oil is mainly deposited on the stocks and seeds of the plant. This extract is 0.3% THC at most. CBD is non-psychoactive, and has been proven to weaken the psychoactive properties of THC. It is important to distinguish how THC and CBD effect the body in different ways.

What is CBD Oil?

A large percentage of CBD products in the market are comprised of CBD hemp oil. The oil will not alter your brain function in any way since CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. In fact, CBD oil is extracted organically so it retains most of its botanical elements. The end product is a nutritious fluid that has many additional nutrients such as amino acids, omega 3, chlorophyll, minerals, terpene, and a wide range of Vitamins. The extra nutrients in CBD oil helps to keep the body in balance by causing receptors in the body to induce relaxation.

It is important to note the difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil. The latter has meager levels of CBD. Hemp seed products are typical in many groceries and organic food markets. Although they are nutritious, they lack the significant effects of CBD oil.

What are the Effects of CBD Oil on Your Body?

The most noteworthy reaction many CBD oil users’ notice after taking it is a feeling of relaxation. Whereas THC products completely alter your mood, CBD makes you more at ease and comfortable. Therefore, it is an ideal way to restore oneself after a tough day, or can serve as a great addition to recreational breaks.

A series of research traces the root of this feeling of relaxation to the effect CBD oil has on the endocannabinoid system. The oil interacts with the cannabinoid and non-cannabinoid receptors in different ways to achieve a balance. Similar to hormones, these interactions keep the endocannabinoid system in the right balance. As a result, the body will have reduced anxiety, depression, inflammation and susceptibility to seizures. This state of balance leads to more significant and long-term benefits like staving off arthritis, stroke, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Side effects of CDB Oil

The particular extraction procedure involved in harvesting CBD oil ensures that it remains in its most natural form. For this reason, there have been minimal negative side effects connected to using the

oil. Some individuals report having a dry mouth and sleepiness moments after taking CBD oil. However, it is clear that the product is safe for consumption by a majority of the population.

Caution when shopping for CBD Oil

The substantial benefits of CBD oil have led to an influx of products that incorporate it in their ingredients. Many of them are cheaper than pure CBD oil products, however, there are still many places that offer pure CBD oil that comes in capsules, chewing gums and tinctures. If you want to be entirely free from the effects of THC, then you can look for products with the “zero-THC” label. However, most CBD oil products already have such small quantities of THC that its impact on your body is negligible. CBD and THC may both be found in cannabis plants; but, it is important to remain aware that these chemicals affect the body in much different ways.

Important Facts About Carpeting That Everyone Must Know


Carpets form an important part of every home. If you are planning to move to a new home it must be amongst one of the first few things you will consider. Even when remodeling your existing home, getting a new carpet will surely be considered. This is because carpets alone have the power to change the look of any home or office. Not only will installing a nice carpet make the area look beautiful, it will also add warmth to the space and prevent common accidents like slips and falls. Carpets indeed play very important roles, but there are things about carpeting that you might not be aware of, so without hesitation let us discuss these interesting facts. Then you can head on over to Best Flooring, provider of the best carpet Indianapolis has to offer, to make the most informed decision! Join the many other Hoosier homeowners who have returned to using carpet in Indianapolis. 

Carpet types 

Since carpets form such an important part of your home there are some things you need to keep in mind while shopping, including how they are designed, special features, and even color scheme. It is important for the face of the carpet you choose to match the interior of your chosen location. There are two types of carpet faces available – cut piles and loop pile. In cut piles just one side is anchored, whereas in loop piles both the ends are fixed at the carpet’s back which forms a loop. Though carpets can be woven, they usually are tufted. In this method, the ends of the yarn are pushed through the backing thus creating a loop or cut piles. 

The nonwoven and woven fabrics are the layers through which the yarn gets inserted and this is known as the primary backing. At the back of this primary layer, a lamination is done to reinforce the first layer and it is known as secondary backing. These backings help the carpet maintain their shape. 

Styles of carpets 

You can get carpet in Indianapolis in many different styles. A shag carpet is one of many and can even be used in living rooms and bedrooms. Though it is not always easy to clean these carpets, you also do not have to worry about too much dirt in these kinds of areas. So many people are embracing a more vintage look with shag carpeting again. 

If you want to place a carpet in high-traffic areas like your hallways, then opt for those that are shorter and are made of tightly woven fabrics. Though such carpets collect a lot of dirt, you can clean them easily with vacuuming. Yet another style of carpet that you can opt for is the frieze, which is shorter and twisted and ideal for placing in doorways or other higher traffic areas. 

The stain resistant types 

We all want our carpet flooring to stay clean and looking good. If you go for the stain resistant type then this will become much easier. Remember, you have tons of choices as far as carpet is concerned. They, however, can be divided into two categories – high-quality and low-quality. 

The high-quality ones are denser as they have a little backing and are they also are often treated with stain resistant chemicals. The low-quality ones have more backing and less density and are likely to wear out faster. Thus, the high-quality, stain resistant carpeting is the best choice. Your number one carpet Indianapolis provider, Best Flooring, has the best in stain resistant carpets for customers to choose from. 

Pad thickness of the carpets 

While buying a carpet in Indianapolis, this is yet another point you must give consideration to. Do not forget to check the pad quality. The denser the cushion is, the more durability it will offer. The carpet’s thickness alone should not tempt you into buying them, as they may not be of the quality you are looking for. However, if you give more importance to comfort, then thick padding will serve the purpose. 

Installing the carpet 

Carpet installation is as important as is buying. If you really want it installed the right way you must opt for professional installation. Best Flooring, your carpet Indianapolis provider, is the team for the job. Since they have an abundance of experience and knowledge, they will do the job with perfection. Not only do they have the skills, they also own the right tools, with the help of which they will install the carpets in your home in a perfect manner. If there is any excess, they will trim it, so your carpet in Indianapolis will look perfectly placed inside your home. Once you select the best carpet and get it professionally installed, the whole look of the area will change in a very beautiful way. 


Your Pup’s a Meat Eater – Throw Him a Bone

Dog with Bone

There’s a reason the old adage is, “throw a dog a bone” and not “throw a dog a handful of greens.” Bones smell like meat! And dogs are carnivores – meat eaters, first and foremost.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure they get enough meat in their diets. As dog owners, we’re responsible for their health and overall well being, much of which is decided by what food they eat; kibble, wet food, homemade, or something in between, like Chef’s Best Pet Food.

Now, dogs – like all animals – have evolved over the centuries in an effort to boost their odds at survival. They’ve experienced physical adaptation and adjusted to the environment in order to optimize their health too. 

So we know they can stomach more than just meat – they had to adapt when there wasn’t any meat around. But, when it comes to the ways their bodies function best, it helps to take a look at their guts – which were indeed built to process animal protein.

A dog’s gut
When it comes to digestion, it’s one thing for your pup’s system to breakdown plant foods, but it’s quite another to digest meat. You see, plants are full of starches and an insoluble substance called cellulose. So, to break these substances down, a dog’s body not only needs the right kind of teeth to begin the process, it also needs special digestive enzymes like cellulase and amylase.

Plant eaters happen to secrete such enzymes in their saliva, therefore glucose and starch breakdown begins immediately. However, because meat eaters don’t take in too many plant foods, they haven’t adapted to produce those enzymes.

Also, a dog’s gastrointestinal tract is also pretty short – usually two feet or so. That’s a lot shorter than most herbivores (with GI tracts reaching around 100 feet in length). And dogs don’t have the section of the GI tract where cellulose can be broken down – because a meat eater has no need for it.

A dog’s teeth
Another great indicator that pups need meat is the shape and size of their teeth. If an animal like a cow is going to munch on grass all day, it needs big, wide, flat teeth to grind its food into smaller, more manageable bits.

But, take a look in your pup’s mouth. Carnivores have teeth meant to rip apart meat from a bone. That’s why a dog’s teeth are sharp and pointy, so they can latch onto their prey. Their teeth also lock into one another – the way our fingers do when we clasp hands – in order to allow the dog to rip flesh away from the prey. In fact, dogs don’t grind – it’s just chomp, chomp, gulp.

Dog licking Bone


So, what can you do to give your best friend the food she’s built to love?

Well, you’ll want to start by feeding your pup a complete and balanced diet. A diet that combines the best meats with the gut-friendliest produce will give your dog the best blend of vitamins. Not to mention, you want your dog to eat grain-free. Many dogs have wheat allergies, which makes sense given their difficulty digesting it. Knowing your dog is a carnivore, why would you want to fill him up on fattening grains that will be tough for him to process?

Chef’s Best Pet Food is a feast for your furry friend. The folks at Chef’s Best Pet Food take care to mix the most delicious blend of –

  • Ranch-raised chicken
  • Ranch-raised beef
  • Wild venison
  • Wild elk
  • Wild bison

Chef’s Best Pet Food also also includes quality produce selected for the purpose of nourishing your pup and helping her digest with the most comfort and ease. Chef’s Best Pet Food includes –

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Apples
  • Carrots

It’s like a home-cooked meal for your dog! But there’s something even more special about Chef’s Best Pet Food …
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It’s freeze-dried.

Basically, Chef’s Best is as close as you can get to “raw food”. Turns out, freeze-drying is the only way to dry food that doesn’t rely on nutrient-stripping heat. So, the ingredients retain all of their original, beneficial nutrients and essential vitamins.

When your dog eats heat-dried kibble, the important vitamins and minerals get destroyed. In addition, over-heating food can change its molecular structure and even produce possibly dangerous chemical reactions.1

But, the process of freeze-drying ensures your pet will get all of the benefits of the raw ingredients. Chef’s Best Pet Food is flash frozen, then placed in a pressure chamber, and the solid ice becomes a gas, leaving behind a dried, but fresh, all-natural ingredients.

Then, when you rehydrate your pup’s food, it reverts to its original flavor, texture, and even shape.

And, Chef’s Best Pet Food is full of essential vitamins like –  

  • Vitamin A to boost your dog’s immunity.
  • Vitamin D to help bones and teeth grow.
  • Vitamin E to promote strong skin and a healthy coat.
  • Vitamin K to support liver function.
  • Vitamin C for tissue growth and repair.
  • B Vitamins to aid digestion.
  • Calcium to build and fortify nails, bones, and teeth.

It’s also chock full of healthy minerals such as –

  • Magnesium to help with your pup’s metabolism
  • Zinc to help your dog’s immune system and accelerate healing
  • Iron – a key component in hemoglobin to help your dog’s red blood cells carry oxygen
  • Manganese for  healthy nerves and  blood sugar regulation
  • Copper for healthy bone and connective tissue

The Takeaway

Your dog doesn’t want to eat the corn, wheat, rice, and other toxins found in kibble. He wants meat first and foremost. He’s been a meat eater since the beginning of time. And, if you want your best friend to feel like he matters – and to stay in tip-top shape – you’ll want to give him a pet food that gives him all his faves and supports his meat-loving teeth, digestive tract, and gut.



The Botox App, Dermdash iPhone App


The Botox App, Dermdash iPhone App

It’s the 21st century and apparently the increase in the use of cosmetics is considerably high. Everyone wants to look young and have a flawless skin despite aging and sun exposure. There are numerous ways of looking young of course, there are many dermatologists out there performing cosmetic procedures and restoring that youthful appearance in everyone. The problem is the hustle of trying to find the right doctor to perform such procedures, having to actually bare with traffic because well its LA and no one actually loves traffic, the problem of waiting for your call to be picked, booking appointments which is not appealing at all. Fortunately, there is a solution to that: an app called dermdash is here to do all the hustling for you!


Dermdash is an easy to use app, very convenient and here is to why. The app allows the user to have all the information one needs about the approved and highly qualified doctors. All one has to do is select the kind of treatment one wants, whether chemical, botox or laser treatment and choose the product they’d want used provided by the listed doctors and then compare the prices like laser hair removal to botox cost and make a decision on what they’d want used. The app provides the user with several options to choose from and saves you from the hustle of actually having to beat traffic and driving all over LA trying to find a suitable facility.

Seeing is believing and I know that for some of us believing that an app can actually get you a genuine doctor is quite hard right! Way ahead of you though, quite a number of people have actually had treatments by doctors they got through the app. The users normally have a chance of rating the doctors who have treated them. The rating is often five star and these ratings will allow a new user to select an appropriate doctor and actually convince a new user that this app is legit and that the doctors listed have all been pre-approved.

Since our days are normally busy with errands to run and duties to attend to, we usually lack time to perform some necessary procedures like laser treatment. Because of this we do not actually get the time to look for a doctor to perform these procedures causing some decide to forego. Well dermdash is here and it provides you with doctor’s addresses so you actually do not have to forego them. Aside from the ratings and also the list of doctors provided by the app, the location of each doctor’s office is often given and even the address. It really saves one the time of having to drive around the city aimlessly trying to find a doctor. 

It is no doubt that cosmetic procedures are quite expensive. Despite the expense though everyone wants to show off during summer, we all have those sexy bikinis waiting to be worn during summer and most people actually strain to pay for these treatments. Well dermdash knows your struggles and it provides users with savings, it ensures that the user does not struggle with paying for the treatment. Dermdash App is actually a free app and the only charges are for the purchases a user makes. The purchases are however greatly discounted and by actually simply signing up each user are given a $20 discount for their first purchase and afterwards one is given a 15% discount which is applied on your next purchase. If one is vigorous enough and actually notifies more people of the app, the chances of increased savings with dermdash actually go up.

Dermdash is actually so convenient as you have seen, gone are the days of hustling for a doctor for days on end trying to book an appointment. Now you can actually communicate with a bunch of doctors anywhere and anytime, hustle free and appointments are so easy to make. Unfortunately the app is only available for people who reside in Los Angeles but other cities will definitely have a chance to use the app too sooner than you can tell. Let us all take advantage of these app good people and actually enjoy the savings. So head on to the app store now and download the dermdash app and save yourself the hustle! Let’s all get ready for the summer and show off those abs we have all been sweating for at the gym unhindered because dermdash is here to make your dream come true.


NBA Legend Dikembe Mutombo Renting Out His Trump Place Condo


  • Dikembe-Mutombo-d7826f40374a3510VgnVCM100000d7c1a8c0____

    Dikembe Mutombo (2014 Taylor Hill)

  • mut-dining-e1458752181478-d7826f40374a3510VgnVCM100000d7c1a8c0____

For a mere $12,000 a month, NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo can be your landlord. Famous for wagging his finger after rejecting a shot, Mutombo is setting out the welcome mat for his Trump Place condo in New York City.

Mutombo retired from the NBA in 2009 after an 18-year career. During his time in the league, he was an eight-time All Star and a four-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

A charitable man, Mutombo has devoted much of his post-retirement time to humanitarian work. He’s the founder of the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation, dedicated to helping his native Democratic Republic of Congo.

His condo — a three-bedroom, three-bathroom unit — has impressive city views from nearly every room. In the dining room, wall-to-wall windows on both sides offer an expansive view of the Hudson River.

A bright and airy living room shines thanks to a large picture window. The room also features parquet floors. The kitchen is modern, with open-faced glass cabinetry, black cabinets, and stainless-steel appliances.

Prospective tenants also must consider the amenities that come with the prestigious address. Trump Place offers plenty of luxury perks, including a billiard room, library, and European spa.