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Best Online Auction For Good Quality And Reasonable Prices

Best Online Auction For Good Quality And Reasonable Prices

Though everybody likes to shop, the number of people who are on the hunt for bargains and sale items on the Web has been constantly on the rise these days. In fact, online shopping has altered our market economy to a considerable extent. Besides acting an alternative to strip mall suburbia, there are several best online auction sites out there that can get you cut priced goods quickly and easily.

While online auction sites allow the average individuals to search and place their bids on any of the items they wish to, know that these sites act as a vessel for millions of auctions where you can likely sell all those old clothes and gadgets piling up in your garage.

With the advent of more and more smaller sites intended for best online auctions, the potential for savings seems far greater than visiting the bigger sites as there will be very less competition from other bidders. Though this can give you more hope for lower winning bids, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind while opting for smaller sites so as to make your online shopping experience more enjoyable.

Though there is a possibility for some scandals like with anything else that appears on the internet, most of these auction sites take necessary steps to protect their buyers and sellers protection against any scams. A majority of the sites will also offer good customer services if there are any questions.

Check for the terms and conditions laid down by the auction site even before signing up for the site. This will not only ensure you that any disputes related to the bidding process will be handled in a systematic and professional way, but will even make you aware of the industry standards that they abide by.

While bidding for any of the items, look at the wide range of products that the best online auction site has to offer so as to ensure good quality and reasonable prices. You can even check out related forums that offer good advice.


A Guide to Online Auctions

Since online auctions hit the world of the internet in around 1995 they have found international popularity and now there are literally hundreds of online auctions from the traditional highest bidder auction to newer more innovative formats such as penny auctions. You can buy almost anything from auctions on the internet including antiques, second hand items and brand new products. So whether you are a buyer or a seller, here’s your quick general guide to online auctions.

Guide to Online Auctions


Buyers Guide to Online Auctions

Internet bidding sites are great fun and for many people this is a big part of the attraction. Yes you may well get that top notch Smartphone for less than a quarter of its value, but for many users actually winning such an item is just a bonus in what can be an exciting chase to outbid your competitors at the last second!


Before bidding on any item however, here are a few tips that might just come in handy:

1. Online auctions are all different so familiarise yourself with each individual site and their rules and never assume that they all work in the same way. 2. Find out if the site offers buyers protection and discover what the return policy is. 3. Read about the item you are bidding on carefully, especially the small print! 4. If the auction site gives seller ratings then make sure you check these out. 5. Consider how much you are willing to pay for an item and stick with that amount, be prepared to walk away if it goes over your highest offer. 6. Keep your nerve and have fun!

Sellers Guide to Online Auctions

Online Auctions can be a convenient and easy way to turn those unwanted items into spare cash. Some people have even set up online businesses which trade in pre-loved items. It can be a great way of earning a little extra money, but before you start to list those unwanted Christmas presents, read out brief guide first:

1. Be truthful about the item you are selling as some auction sites will list buyers’ feedback and your rating may be affected if you don’t mention flaws or stains, etc. 2. Consider how much the item would cost to post and think about whether or not you would ship anything overseas. Don’t be tempted to hike up postage charges in order to sell something cheaply, buyers can see through this tactic. 3. Use your own photographs and not stock photos. 4. Think carefully about the lowest amount you are willing to accept for the item because if someone bids for that amount, you may be obliged to sell at that amount. 5. Ensure buyers know where they stand with a comprehensive returns policy. 6. Don’t be tempted to take private offers away from the auction site as you won’t then be covered by the online auction protection should things go wrong.

Online auctions are a great way in which to make money and find fantastic bargains! They are also great fun to take part in so keep your cool, follow the rules and you can’t go far wrong!

What You Need to Know About Online Bidding

What You Need to Know About Online Bidding

Online auctions provide an incredible platform where both buyers and sellers can virtually meet and trade an endless amount of goods. Online bidding has made auctions so convenient, straightforward, and less costly. You no longer need to travel for miles just to attend an auction. Sellers too, don’t have to incur extra costs handling and transporting their merchandise to different auction sites. Everyone can buy or sell goods right from the comfort of their homes. All you’ll need is a computer and a consistent internet connection.


How online bidding works

Several things regarding online bidding are similar to the traditional regional auctions that most people are already familiar with. Online bidding, for instance, has both losers and winners. Not everyone who takes part in the bidding will walk away with the products they are interested in. This is especially true when it comes to some of the best and rare online merchandise. Such products attract a wide variety of customers, which increases the competition and ups the bidding. In such instances, once the bidding comes to an end, the individual with the highest bid is declared the winner. He or she will then be expected to pay the exact amount as quoted in his/her winning bid.


Joining an online auctioning site

Once you have decided to take part in online auctions either as a buyer or seller, there are various important things that you need to know.

First, you will be required to sign up in the particular bidding website that you decide to use. In order to participate in online auctions, you must create an account. Registering helps to collect as much information as possible on all the buyers and sellers. The information collected is used to track bids, items being auctioned, and to identify the winners and the amount of their winning bid.

Online auctions

When registering for online auctions, it’s also recommended that you use a new mail. Most online auction websites are known for sending frequent emails to their members. These emails can honestly be a nuisance at times, and this is why you are advised to avoid using your main email account.


Types of Online Auctions

There are two main types of internet auctions:

  1. Business-to-Person – Business-to-person auction is where a big company or business is selling items directly to the individual customers. In this kind of auction, the products are usually in possession of the auctioning site. When a person earns the winning bid he, therefore, deals directly with the website on how they will do the payments and how they will receive the items.
  2. Person-to-Person – Person-to-person auction is where a single seller decides to put up his products for auction, selling them directly to the customers. The items being traded here are controlled by the seller. Once the bidding is done and a winner has been identified, they will interact with the seller and discuss how they will deliver the items.


Winning the auction

Public online auctions typically run within given time limits. The bidding process could be scheduled to take place for around four hours. Once this time is over the auction will come to an end, and the website will collect the data to see the person with the winning bid. The declared winner will then get in touch with the vendor through email if it was a person-to-person auction or the website will contact them in case it’s a business-to-person auction.

There are cases where an item could be put up for auction while tagged with a reserve cost. Such products can’t be bid on for a price less than this bid. If at the end of the bidding there is no one close to the reserve price then the item will be retained by the seller and the website until maybe another auction is scheduled.


How to make payments

As a winner of an internet auction, you will be faced with several payment options. These options range from Escrow services, charge card, money order, debit card, cashier’s check, personal check, and money shipments.

Escrow services involve the use of various payment options such as charge card, money order, and checks. A purchaser will first send cash to the Escrow solution, but it won’t be wired to the seller instantly. They wait for the buyer to receive the items and investigate them before completing the payment. It’s therefore, a convenient option which gives buyers a sense of security and confidence when taking part in an online auction.

Charge cards can also be used as they also give customers security. With these cards, one can ask for credit history and pursue compensation in case the products delivered are not satisfactory.

Business-to-person auctions mainly use bank cards. If you are using this auctioning method, you will, therefore, be expected to pay using the bank cards.


Concerns regarding online auctions

The biggest concern when it comes to online auctions is fraudsters. There is quite a huge number of scam websites or sellers who pretend to be selling quality products but end up delivering substandard items. The best way for a customer to deal with such issues is to make sure they remain vigilant in the types of websites they use.

Best Home Security Systems

Best Home Security Systems

When it comes to security, prevention is the rule of the thumb. By installing a security system in your home, you deter criminals from breaking and entering. Additionally, you have a way to track down criminals in case they break in. In this article, we will discuss about the best home security system.

Best Home Security Systems

The 7 Best Home Security Systems

  • ADT

Best system for recognizability and professional installation.

  • Frontpoint

Best for overall reputation, customization and DIY installation

  • Vivint

Best technology and mobile app

  • Protect America

Best for low up-front cost and initial phone call

  • Protection 1

Best for customer service and businesses

  • Simplisafe

Best for flexibility and easiest barrier to entry

  • Link Interactive

Best for all-around value

Best for recognizability and professional installation: ADT

This is the most common security system used in most homes. It’s well known for its home automation and is equipped with technology you would need to make your home a fortress. ADT is not pocket friendly for those on a budget since equipments are paid for upfront.

Best for overall reputation and customization: frontpoint

Leads in flexibility of home security systems and customer satisfaction. An advantage of frontpoint is that it gets rid of need for consultations, multi-year contracts and professional installation in that you are able to come up with your own system: you pick a monitoring package, sensors and you decide on your own contract terms. Large frontpoint devices are expensive but the better choice if affordable.

Best technology and mobile app: vivint

For best technology and innovation vivint comes in handy. In case you leave a door unlocked as you leave your house the vivint sky app notifies you. Its however expensive and the contract is long but all the same the services given in return are worth it.

Best for low up-front cost and initial phone call: protect America

This is the cheapest system to install and run though this is if you are going to use the landline route which goes for $20 for monthly monitoring unlike the cellular monitoring that costs $40 per month. It has free activation, equipment and installation with zero up-front costs.

Best for customer service and businesses: protection1

Protection1 offers the very best of customer services 

Best for flexibility and easiest barrier to entry: simplisafe

Its packages have ease of use and installation. It does not have automation tech but it has intrusion and environmental sensors.

Best for all-around value: link interactive

This system provides cellular monitoring services and home automation.

Why 28 home security system providers didn’t make the cut Methodology

Main focus was on full-service providers of home security which comprises of self installation providers of home security and companies that provide professional installation.

As you read through keep in mind:

  1. Individual equipment or technologies were not reviewed

Consultation with experts in home security was however done

  1. Companies were not rated in terms of packages and pricing but on costs incurred in monitoring and equipment
  2. With a starting list of 38 companies several were disqualified to be providers of home security
  1. Brands that were cut because of regional availability

9 disqualified

  • Guardian protection services
  • Aloha alarm
  • EMC security
  • Ackerman security system
  • CPI security
  • Alarmforce
  • Central security group(formerly secureNet)
  • Vector
  • ASG security
  1. Brands that were cut because of self-sponsoring

1 disqualified

  • Optlink
  1. Brands that were cut because of landline and broadband connectivity

4 disqualified

  • AT&T digital life
  • Comcast xfinity home security
  • Lifeshield security
  • Century link home security
  1. Brands that were cut because of conglomerate restrictions

1 disqualified

  • Suddenlink connected home

We took it a step further

We further handed out scores based on:

  1. Public opinion and presence, 25% weight
  2. Ease of startup/transparency of cost, 25% weight
  3. Competitive pricing, 25% weight
  4. Technology, 25% weight 

Our approved home security brands

These are the 7 best home security systems described at the start

Other recommendations (honorable mentions)

  • Live watch
  • Monitronics
  • Alarm grid

What you need to know before buying 

  • Brand reputability is key
  • The shopping experience is less than ideal

The basics of a home security system

  • Levels of protection

These are intrusion, environmental, surveillance and life safety

  • What’s involved

Sensor gets triggered, the control panel relays information to the monitor via cellular or landline.

  • Packages and features

Almost all home security provides get their equipment from the same manufacturers.

Call To Action

With the ever rising insecurity, it is a viable idea to have a working security system at your home. If you do not have one, it is the high time you install one. From the above list, it is simple to find the one that suits you best.

'Roman Holiday' Gets Broadway-Bound Musical Makeover


The Oscar-winning 1953 screen classic is headed to the stage with a score of Cole Porter standards in an adaptation due to premiere in San Francisco in summer 2017.

Another popular screen classic is headed for the stage.

Producers announced on Wednesday that Roman Holiday — The Cole Porter Musical will premiere in summer 2017 at the SHN Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco, in what is being billed as a pre-Broadway engagement.

The show is adapted by Kathy Speer & Terry Grossman and producer Paul Blake from Paramount’s 1953 romantic comedy, which starred Audrey Hepburn as a princess weary of royal protocol, who goes AWOL in the Italian capital during a European tour and gets help in remaining incognito from an American reporter, played by Gregory Peck.

Directed by William Wyler, the film was nominated for 10 Academy Awards and won three, including best actress for Hepburn and a writing Oscar for Dalton Trumbo, who was blacklisted at the time and credited as Ian McLellan Hunter. Trumbo co-wrote the screenplay with British playwright John Dighton.

The stage adaptation of Roman Holiday will feature a score of Porter standards including “Night and Day,” “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye” and “Easy to Love.”

No director or cast is attached to the project so far, but producers Blake and Mike Bosner have set a premiere run of May 24-June 28, 2017, ahead of a planned fall Broadway opening the same year. An earlier version of the show, on which Blake was the sole book writer, premiered at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis in 2012.

Blake and Bosner are producers on the Broadway hit Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, which also premiered in a San Francisco tryout and is now in its third year at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre in New York.

Blake previously co-wrote the book for another retooled movie, which became the holiday musical Irving Berlin’s White Christmas. Speer and Grossman are veteran TV comedy writers, notably on The Golden Girls and Benson.

  Finally, Leonardo DiCaprio gets his Oscar


leonardo_oscar After decades of waiting Leonardo DiCaprio finally got to walk home with an Oscar. there were so many occasions when Leonardo came close to winning an Oscar with other films, but the award always seemed to evade him. It was finally through The Revenant when this 41-year-old got to grab his first Oscar. even though this award came through his tough role in The Revenant, it can be argued that this award came along as a result of the many years of hard work in his many other fantastic films. The actor was the party – head in The Wolf of Wall Street, he was the young and energetic actor in Titanic, who fell in love with disaster stroke, he was the great Howard Hughes in the film The Aviator, and the crazy plantation owner of the famous Django Unchained. All these were some of the films which could have easily won Leonardo an Oscar, but somehow there was always someone who stole the party and took home the award instead. The actor made his debut on big screens almost 25 years ago in the Critters 3. Over the decades, he got nominated several times, but he always had to wait. The Revenant, which was marked with a lot of bear mauling and a vengeance filled frontiersman helped Leonardo add a well, – deserved Oscars medal in his cabinet. After walking up into the stage, Leonardo gave a heartfelt speech. His acceptance speech was not only about the movie and what the award meant to him but also had a few tips about the climate. He first of all started by thanking everyone who was involved in the making of the film. He thanked all the directors he has ever worked with. He then went ahead to give a warm thank you to his friends and family who he thanked for their unending support that they give him. Leonardo is well known for his passion for the matter about climate and leadership. This is why he was also thoughtful enough to talk about climate change and how it is a serious issue that leaders need to look into. He talked about how climate change if not taken care of will affect the many unprivileged people in the worldwide and the impact it will have for the coming generations. At one point he talked about how “…Unprivileged people who will be most affected by this (climate change) for our children’s children…” He then spared a moment and talked about the minority groups whose voices remain unheard and are still suffering from bad politics in their countries. He said “those people out there whose voices have been drowned out by the politics of greed” He completed the climate talk with an excellent statement that helped to show how much he appreciated winning the award “let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted.” Winning an Oscar has always been a very hard task not just for the actors but also to producers and directors as well. Leonardo’s friend Martin Scorsese, for example, had to wait for decades before he finally bagged the best director Oscar award which he won with the film The Departed. Other actors have been nominated for the awards for so many times but just like DiCaprio they had to wait for so long before actually winning it. A good example of such actors is Meryl Streep. Meryl holds the record of being the thespian to have received the most Oscars nomination, 19 nominations! However, there is a massive gap of almost 30 years between her winning the first Oscar in 1983 for Sophie’s Choice as best supporting actor and the next Oscar which she won in 2012 for the film The Iron Lady. The best chance that DiCaprio had previously of winning this award was in 2005 for his outstanding Hughes portrayal. The award, however, slipped him and landed on Jamie Foxx for the film Ray where he acted as Ray Charles. The other chance he had was way back in 1994 for his impressive performance on Gilbert Grape. Again, he got upended by Tommy Lee for the best supporting actor on the mission film The Fugitive. The Revenant significantly helped to show the world about Leonardo’s other side. In this movie unlike many of the previous Leo’s films was not about his good looks or the charming character type of roles that he used to play. The Revenant was a rather silent – movie about Glass, who watched helplessly as his son got murdered, a man who survives a bear attack, a man who slept inside corpses of a horse and almost died due to harsh weather conditions before finally finding redemption. It was a difficult and arduous journey getting to the Oscars for DiCaprio but what matter now is that he finally has the award. All the trolls that he used to face for not winning an Oscar are now quietly fading away because, at the moment, he’s the king!