There’s a reason the old adage is, “throw a dog a bone” and not “throw a dog a handful of greens.” Bones smell like meat! And dogs are carnivores – meat eaters, first and foremost.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure they get enough meat in their diets. As dog owners, we’re responsible for their health and overall well being, much of which is decided by what food they eat; kibble, wet food, homemade, or something in between, like Chef’s Best Pet Food.

Now, dogs – like all animals – have evolved over the centuries in an effort to boost their odds at survival. They’ve experienced physical adaptation and adjusted to the environment in order to optimize their health too. 

So we know they can stomach more than just meat – they had to adapt when there wasn’t any meat around. But, when it comes to the ways their bodies function best, it helps to take a look at their guts – which were indeed built to process animal protein.

A dog’s gut
When it comes to digestion, it’s one thing for your pup’s system to breakdown plant foods, but it’s quite another to digest meat. You see, plants are full of starches and an insoluble substance called cellulose. So, to break these substances down, a dog’s body not only needs the right kind of teeth to begin the process, it also needs special digestive enzymes like cellulase and amylase.

Plant eaters happen to secrete such enzymes in their saliva, therefore glucose and starch breakdown begins immediately. However, because meat eaters don’t take in too many plant foods, they haven’t adapted to produce those enzymes.

Also, a dog’s gastrointestinal tract is also pretty short – usually two feet or so. That’s a lot shorter than most herbivores (with GI tracts reaching around 100 feet in length). And dogs don’t have the section of the GI tract where cellulose can be broken down – because a meat eater has no need for it.

A dog’s teeth
Another great indicator that pups need meat is the shape and size of their teeth. If an animal like a cow is going to munch on grass all day, it needs big, wide, flat teeth to grind its food into smaller, more manageable bits.

But, take a look in your pup’s mouth. Carnivores have teeth meant to rip apart meat from a bone. That’s why a dog’s teeth are sharp and pointy, so they can latch onto their prey. Their teeth also lock into one another – the way our fingers do when we clasp hands – in order to allow the dog to rip flesh away from the prey. In fact, dogs don’t grind – it’s just chomp, chomp, gulp.

Dog licking Bone


So, what can you do to give your best friend the food she’s built to love?

Well, you’ll want to start by feeding your pup a complete and balanced diet. A diet that combines the best meats with the gut-friendliest produce will give your dog the best blend of vitamins. Not to mention, you want your dog to eat grain-free. Many dogs have wheat allergies, which makes sense given their difficulty digesting it. Knowing your dog is a carnivore, why would you want to fill him up on fattening grains that will be tough for him to process?

Chef’s Best Pet Food is a feast for your furry friend. The folks at Chef’s Best Pet Food take care to mix the most delicious blend of –

  • Ranch-raised chicken
  • Ranch-raised beef
  • Wild venison
  • Wild elk
  • Wild bison

Chef’s Best Pet Food also also includes quality produce selected for the purpose of nourishing your pup and helping her digest with the most comfort and ease. Chef’s Best Pet Food includes –

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Apples
  • Carrots

It’s like a home-cooked meal for your dog! But there’s something even more special about Chef’s Best Pet Food …
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It’s freeze-dried.

Basically, Chef’s Best is as close as you can get to “raw food”. Turns out, freeze-drying is the only way to dry food that doesn’t rely on nutrient-stripping heat. So, the ingredients retain all of their original, beneficial nutrients and essential vitamins.

When your dog eats heat-dried kibble, the important vitamins and minerals get destroyed. In addition, over-heating food can change its molecular structure and even produce possibly dangerous chemical reactions.1

But, the process of freeze-drying ensures your pet will get all of the benefits of the raw ingredients. Chef’s Best Pet Food is flash frozen, then placed in a pressure chamber, and the solid ice becomes a gas, leaving behind a dried, but fresh, all-natural ingredients.

Then, when you rehydrate your pup’s food, it reverts to its original flavor, texture, and even shape.

And, Chef’s Best Pet Food is full of essential vitamins like –  

  • Vitamin A to boost your dog’s immunity.
  • Vitamin D to help bones and teeth grow.
  • Vitamin E to promote strong skin and a healthy coat.
  • Vitamin K to support liver function.
  • Vitamin C for tissue growth and repair.
  • B Vitamins to aid digestion.
  • Calcium to build and fortify nails, bones, and teeth.

It’s also chock full of healthy minerals such as –

  • Magnesium to help with your pup’s metabolism
  • Zinc to help your dog’s immune system and accelerate healing
  • Iron – a key component in hemoglobin to help your dog’s red blood cells carry oxygen
  • Manganese for  healthy nerves and  blood sugar regulation
  • Copper for healthy bone and connective tissue

The Takeaway

Your dog doesn’t want to eat the corn, wheat, rice, and other toxins found in kibble. He wants meat first and foremost. He’s been a meat eater since the beginning of time. And, if you want your best friend to feel like he matters – and to stay in tip-top shape – you’ll want to give him a pet food that gives him all his faves and supports his meat-loving teeth, digestive tract, and gut.